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        Okay, angry rant is coming. Btw, if you haven’t watched the end of Pushing Daisies by now, turn away ‘cause spoilers are coming your way.

        So, I HATE it when good shows get cancelled, which I’m assuming most people do, but what’s the worst is when they get cancelled and they ignore deep storylines, and just finish off the major obvious things BADLY. This is exactly what Fuller did with Pushing Daisies. I just watched the last two episodes of the series today, which I had been putting off for the longest time. You know when you know something good is ending, and you just don’t want it to end, so you procrastinate and even though you want to experience it, you put it off hoping that maybe the more you put it off, the better it’ll feel when you finally let it happen? No? Okay, well, that’s how I felt with this show.

        For those of you who are not aware of this fabulous show, I HATE YOU. You’re part of the reason it got cancelled - you and your lack of watching the show to enhance ratings. It’s basically about a guy named Ned, who ever since he was nine, realized he had this power to touch dead things and make them alive again. Now this literally means he can touch anything that once was living and bring it back to life (i.e. dead animals, dead fruit, dead people). The first time he touches the dead thing, it comes to life. The next time he touches it, it dies: first touch life, second touch death. If this “brought back to life” thing is kept alive longer than 60 seconds, something else has to die in its place - ‘cause of the whole moral order thing, right? And basically that’s the motto of the entire show. One day a PI (private investigator) Emerson Cod sees Ned using his powers and decides to almost blackmail him into working with him. So they wake murder victims, ask them who killed them and then collect the reward from the authorities from the information they handed in. Watching the news one morning, he finds out that girl was killed on a pleasure cruise and he learns it was his childhood sweetheard Charlotte “Chuck” Charles. He brings her back to life to ask her about who killed her and finds that he doesn’t have it in his heart to kill her again, so he just basically decides to never touch her again and they live happily. Now that the introductions are out there, on to what angers me.

        When a show gets cancelled, you obviously want closure on everything right. Well, Pushing Daisies seemed to close on NOTHING through their 1 minute and 30 seconds that they attempted to close EVERYTHING in. Even the stories they closed, were closed open-endedly.

        When the little girl arrives at Emerson’s door, is she really his daughter, or just some random girl “looking for Emerson Cod”? We’ll never know ‘cause they never opened the damn door! And we never get the reaction of Lily or Vivian when Charlotte shows up at their door, telling them she’s alive. Why did Olive randomly open that damn Macaroni and Cheese restaurant? It’s like you see Randy walk in with Macaroni and then you see the cow-shaped restaurant? Does this mean she love Randy now and he’s not just her rebound off Ned guy? If so, when did her feelings for Ned disappear? Will Vivian forgive Lily for sleeping with her fiance and getting pregnant with Charlotte? What happened to Chuck’s dad? Did they ever find him? WHAT HAPPENED TO NED’S DAD? I swear he had a .5 second scene after he saved Olive and Ned from that cliff. What happened to that split-second where Ned was jealous of Olive and Randy and he had those magic feelings for her? I’m so angered by the fact that nothing gets answered at all and they had time to do it. The last episode could have been filled with answering questions, but no, they filled it with another crime and brought about like 3 updated storylines instead of solving the old ones. I mean, I love the damn show, but it’s left it’s watchers hanging forever.

         ABC’s full of a bunch of assholes, filling the once Pushing Daisies timeslot with half-hour useless un-funny comedies after bumping them to Saturdays for their final few episodes. My only wish now is that they’d bring it back. http://www.petitiononline.com/daisies/petition.html Sign the petition if you care. It’s almost got 100 000 signitures and it’s gonna be sent to the Execs at ABC. Shows have been brought back before, and with only their 22 episodes, Pushing Daisies needs it.

  3:23 pm, by ashleymaria

           Okay so, I was watching Melrose Place’s new episode last night, and #1: I’m so freakin’ lost it’s not even funny. I think I watched the first five episodes and then I got distracted or something and never continued watching. I kinda got stuck on that channel last night and ended up confusingly watching the whole episode. I’m so confused with the couples, like is anyone able to follow those? Violet is obsessively crushing over Auggie who is chasing Riley who wants Jonah who slept with Ella who is major crushing on Jonah who wants to get back with Riley and get married? I know, I’m shocked that I know all their names too.

           But basically the point here is that Katie Cassidy is amazing, who plays Ella btw for those people that still don’t know who she is. I don’t why it took so long for people to discover her. I mean everyone in the media thinks she’s this new up and coming star when she’s been around for at LEAST 5 years doing popular stuff the whole time.

           She was on 7th Heaven for like a 5 episode role. She dated Jesse McCartney for like the longest time…I think. I actually can’t remember how long it was. Then she was in When a Stranger Calls as the bitchy friend of whatever the babysitter’s name was…and then she died in the driveway of that house. Then she had the lead role in the horror remake of Black Christmas which is like one of my all-time favourite horror movies. Then she was in Taken, but she was the friend that I think got kidnapped and/or killed within like the first 10 minutes of the movie, so that’s acceptable if you didn’t realize it was her. But then she was in Supernatural, as the original bitch-demon Ruby. And she was awesome, and btw I’m still pissed that they replaced her with that new crappy actress, but I think they’ve killed her off too, so that’s okay. And then she was on Harper’s Island as Trish…yes it was her. She had brown hair and that was another lead role that was crazy awesome. That was like the best horror/thriller tv show I’ve ever seen. It also has anybody who was ever on any show, so if you haven’t watched that you need to go do that right now. And now she’s on Melrose Place, which is like the crappiest waste of a television hour-slot and NOW people realize who this gorgeous human being is? really goes to show what people waste their time doing, watching pointless shows about sex, drugs and drama. Then again, I was watching last night wasn’t I? Little hypocritical but meh.

             She’s gonna be in the new horror remake of Nightmare on Elm Street which I think comes out at the end of April, at least it was supposed to. 


  10:27 pm, by ashleymaria

So, I made a tumblr. account long ago before they were popular…and then I never posted anything and lost it. So I made a new one and here we are. Mainly this is gonna be a complain-about-something-that-annoys-me site or a praise-something-I’m-totally-in-love-with site. Either way, don’t read if you don’t want to, but I’ll continue to blab out anything to keep me from going insane with all the damn thoughts in my head anyway.

  9:00 pm, by ashleymaria